21 October 2015 News

2015 Feb Swiss Financial Duskacopy TV Interview "Global Innovators"

2014 Dec Canvas TV Atelier de Stad Gent - Sundays 21:10 (GMT+1)

2014 Oct We-make-money-not-art.com "Invasive. "What if your tax money is used to kill animals?"

2014 Aug We-make-money-not-art.com “Where are the Luddites: a call for BioLuddites"

2014 Jul Flaunders News “Canada geese caught to make Ghent Stew”

2014 Jul Nieuwsblad “120 gazen voor feestenpot"

2014 Jan Wired Magazine UK  “Designer Lisa Ma wants us to eat squirrels"

2013 Jan ResonanceFM Artists in Laboratories ”Farmification with Lisa Ma”

2013 May Goethe Institute / 中国新时代 "谁在设计中国” (Who's designing China)

2012 Jun Prosthetic Knowledge "Farmification By Lisa Ma"

2012 Jun We-make-money-not-art.com “The ‘Farmification' of a Joystick Factory"

2012 Jun Wired.co.uk “Designer proposes exchange programme fro cat ladies and spa-goers”

2011 Oct BBC News Manchester “In pictures: Manchester show hosts art of protest”

2011 Jul Axis Magazine “Heathrow Heritage”

2011 Jun We-make-money-not-art.com “Heathrow Heritage"

2011 Jun Blueprint Magazine “Best of graduation shows 2011”


2015 Mexico Transitio_MX

2015 Geneva LIFT Conference

2014 London Extinction Marathon: Visions of the Future, Serpentine Gallery 

2014 Seattle University of Washington

2014 Barcelona Design Festival, Open Design

2014 Brussels Research Gathering

2014 Ghent Atelier de Stad: Niet is Vorloren

2014 Nottingham Near Now, Where are the Bioluddites? 

2014 London TEDx EastEnd

2013 London EPIC Royal Institute 

2013 London Open Tech Conference

2013 Berlin Re:Publica

2013 Barcelona Co-creating Cultures 

2012 New York Molecular Cuisine: The Politics of Taste

2012 Munich DLD Woman

2012 London Girls In Tech

2012 London Learning Without Frontiers

2011 Beijing Microsoft Research Asia

2011 Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts

2011 Shenzhen Nokia Research


2015 London Serpentine Gallery Digital

2014 Antwerp Kratover Festival

2014 Rotterdam Het Nieuwe Institute, Designing Scarcity

2014 Nottingham Near Now

2014 Milan Sarpi Bridge

2014 Brussels FoAM

2013 Ghent Vooruit 200 // Possible Futures

2011 London Floating Cinema


2015 "How the matsutake mushroom lets us balance ecology and economics" by Lisa Ma, New Scientist, 21 October 2015

2013 "A speculative designer’s adventure with invasive species” by Lisa Ma, Sustainability of Water Quality and Ecology, Elsevier.

2013 "From Lab to Studio" by Susan Anker, in Biotechnology in Our Lives, ed. Jeremy Gruber, Sheldon Krimsky. Skyhorse Publishing, New York.

2013 "Frontiers, Fringes and Farmifications” by Lisa Ma, in Digital Development Debates, Issue 11 Youth.